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Whenever anyone asks me about healing, I always try to explain this in simple terms. Healing is a natural occurrence, but one that has been mystified over time. The history of healing extends back thousands of years. This natural and purposeful energy based process is believed to help relieve stress and can assist a deep sense of peace, bringing with it a sense of emotional and physical revitalisation.

Having trained as a General Nurse and Midwife, my understanding of ‘how things work’ was initially based on scientific facts and evidence. Whilst participating in reflexology training, I became aware of a focused ‘energy’ flowing from my hands as I worked. At the same time, one of my clients informed me she could feel additional energy and described this as healing. This affirmation prompted me to attend a healing course to learn more about this phenomenon and how I could use this to greater benefit. It is now in excess of twenty years since I established my Reflexology and Healing practice.

My role as a Healer includes supporting individuals to manage their symptoms. Many of my ‘Healing’ clients have been affected by the stresses and strains of life and have consequently developed numerous imbalances or ‘dis-ease.’ Much of this stress is manifested in physical ailments. When you consider the body is an amazing collection of organs and structures; it is not altogether surprising that when one area is not working, this invariably has a knock-on effect.

Healing can be the ‘jump start’ required to re-balance the system and create a sense of relaxation and control. Healing is not a miracle cure: any change that occurs is our own response to the naturally existing energies. Furthermore, anyone can learn more about this use of energy.

For those interested in learning more about spiritual development and healing, I set up Suffolk School of Healing so I could share my experience and support others on their spiritual journey. A variety of workshops and training are available, depending on your particular interest.

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