Relaxation & guided visualisation group.

Relaxation and time for you.


Relaxation and guided visualisation sessions.

Are you feeling stressed or in need of relaxation?

Learn relaxation techniques

What the session covers:

The guided visualisation sessions are designed at supporting you to learn a variety of relaxation and visualisation techniques. The sessions start with a relaxation exercise, including breath work. During the session, you are guided through a series of visualisations. Please get in touch if you would like further information.

Further details

Joining the group.

You are welcome to join us, regardless of previous experience you have with the  use of relaxation or visualisation techniques. We welcome newcomers!

The Relaxation and Visualisation sessions are delivered via ZOOM every Wednesday for an hour, starting at 10am.

Investment: £20 a month.

                                                   Please get in touch for more details




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