Workshops and Training

What is available?

Suffolk School of Healing provides a selection of Healing and Energy Awareness courses which  are currently being developed to be delivered via ZOOM. (Details to follow shortly)  

These provide a general and basic knowledge of healing and related topics. The healing courses and workshops are suitable for anyone who is interested in advancing their spiritual development and self awareness.

The workshops are aimed at those who would like to learn more about the use of energy and healing to support themselves, friends and families and for holistic practitioners, who want to enhance their working practice by expanding their knowledge on the use of energy.

An Introduction to Healing Course

The two workshops comprise a series of four modules which are delivered over 16 hours. These provide a basic overview of the concept of Healing. You will learn about developing your spiritual awareness, the different energy systems and the use of healing energy. The workshops are for those interested in spiritual development, or providing healing for family and friends.

Please get in touch for further information.

Workshop content

  • Module One
    Developing spiritual self-awareness.

  • Module Two
    Basic understanding of the energy fields, auras and chakras.

  • Module Three
    Introduction to spiritual / energy Healing.

  • Module Four
    Face-to-face healing, self healing and distance healing.

Dates of next workshop

Owing to the current Covid 19 situation, further dates are to be arranged in line with government guidelines.

Booking Details

Introduction to Healing course  - investment £130 (two days)
Training is delivered in Westhorpe, near Stowmarket.


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